Imagia Healthcare Inc. (previously Cadens™ Medical Imaging) is a privately owned research and development company founded in 2007 and located in Granby, Canada. The company has a leading position in computer-assisted medical imaging and provides software solutions facilitating image diagnosis.

The company is committed to bringing technological innovations to address clinical needs in enhancing diagnostic confidence and improving interventional planning. Imagia Healthcare has long-term collaborations with medical centers of excellence at the core of its design process, which guarantees the clinical efficiency and usability of its products.

Development Strategy

Imagia Healthcare is driven by the objective to innovate three fundamentals of medical imaging, namely computer-assisted image interpretation, data manipulation and enabling enterprise-wide remote clinical access. Leveraging a unique proprietary visualization client/server platform, Imagia Healthcare currently develops software solutions, significantly reducing the diagnostic time involved in major cancer screening exams. It will subsequently pursue expansion, venturing into interventional planning to enhance cancer management workflows.

Imagia Healthcare technologies are supported by a pro-active, intellectual property strategy that led to the issuance of major patents in Canada and the USA, and enabled licensing-out opportunities.

Business Model

Imagia Healthcare has adopted a “business-to-business “(B2B) model in order to maximize global market accessibility. The company is developing strong relationships with global and regional PACS and RIS vendors with established sales distribution networks wishing to enhance their product offering by integrating Imagia Healthcare solutions. The company also maintains direct contact with international key opinion leaders in order to increase product awareness and clinical support.


Cadens™ Colon is CT Colonography (CTC) software dedicated to supporting non-invasive colorectal cancer screening. It significantly decreases examination time by introducing the Funnel view, a 3D-visualization technique increasing colonic mucosa and cancer exposures on clinical monitors, while seamlessly integrating into current radiology practices, combined with a proprietary computer-aided detection system (CAD)* that facilitates the detection of potential colorectal lesions (such as polyps). Finally, Cadens Colon contributes to supporting colorectal cancer screening initiatives by reducing the burden of patient preparation by digitally removing tagged fluid resulting from laxative-free preparations through an innovative Tagging Quality Tolerant Electronic Cleansing (TQT).

Cadens Lung is designed to enhance the initial examination and subsequent follow-up of patients during lung cancer screening. It uniquely addresses the need for leveraging and manipulating 3D information from the complex pulmonary structures to identify and characterize lung nodules. Combined with a proprietary computer-aided detection system (CAD) that facilitates the detection of lung nodules and subsequently automates their follow-up registration, Cadens Lung enhances the overall image analysis workflow involved in patient management.

Imagia Healthcare is certified ISO 13485 and has received market authorization for its Cadens Colon product in Canada, Europe, and Australia as well as in the USA.

Imagia Healthcare is also aggressively pursuing research in coronary applications, aortic valve replacement and mammography.

Overall, Imagia Healthcare offers a complete software package for cancer screening that is affordable, rapid and reassuring for clinicians. In addition to offering software support, Imagia Healthcare provides software-training services, along with after-sales service and technical support.
*Not for sale in the USA