Unique Funnel View

  • 100% colonic mucosal visualization on a single fly-through with limited distortions
  • Reduction of 3D navigation time by up to 50%
  • Suppression of unseen areas, visualization of both sides of the folds
  • 3D perspective view maintained at the center for easier reading

"The Funnel View is truly revolutionary. You can see everything quickly and tell exactly where it is. It is both convenient and reassuring. Its advantages are especially evident in the splenic and hepatic views, where Funnel View reveals all of the areas that are traditionally difficult to explore because of the colon's tortuosity."
— Dr Sophie Laplante, Imagix Radiologie Laënnec, Ville Mont-Royal, Quebec, Canada

Integrated Computer-Aided Detection (CAD)*

  • Computer-aided detection system designed to highlight potential polyps and irregularly shaped colorectal lesions
  • Very low false positive rate
  • Identification of lesions in tagging
  • 2nd reader for quick detection of potentially overlooked polyps or other colorectal lesion

*Not for sale in the USA

Advanced 3D Colon

  • Transparent or opaque 3D reconstruction of the colon

  • Quick identification of colon stenoses potentially caused by large lesions or cancer
  • Automatic colon centerline calculation with innovative interactive correction when necessary
  • Display of all findings on a single view for enhanced communication with gastroenterologists and referring physicians

"The colon centerline is calculated automatically with excellent results in the majority of the cases. When needed, the interactive centerline is very fast and easy to use. Cadens Colon new transparent 3D reconstruction provides the radiologists with an image they are familiar with and allows to illustrate the position of the lesions in the reports transmitted to the referring physicians."
— Dr Ghislain Brousseau, Imagerie et Radiologie de la Capitale, Quebec, Canada

Efficient Electronic Cleansing

  • Automatic removal of tagged fluid and stool, even in the case of non-homogenous preparation
  • 3D identification of fully and partially submerged lesions
  • Sophisticated algorithm improving electronic cleansing

CTC-Dedicated User Interface

  • Unique 3D measurement cursor projected onto the mucosa for improved accuracy
  • Fast and easy 2D<=>3D image correlation
  • Automatic C-RADS/E-RADS structured report
  • Short learning curve

Seamless PACS Integration

  • Flexible client/server architecture
  • Seamless interactions between PACS workflows and Cadens Colon advanced visualization functions
  • Command line integration with PACS solutions to launch Cadens Colon application directly from the PACS user interface for the patient currently being reviewed